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Because tomorrow will be different.

Advanced detection technology moving humanity forward.

Our Technology

The Salvus™ Advantage

Salvus™ detection technology is a novel platform, based on interferometry, that detects the presence of contaminants or pathogens in many applications.

Derived from the Latin word for safe, Salvus detection technology utilizes a lightweight, handheld and easy-to-use device that offers many benefits.

  • Multi-Use Technology. Can be used across multiple industries to detect many types of contaminants such as pathogens, chemicals and proteins.
  • Rapid Results. Processes and shares findings within minutes.
  • Extreme Sensitivity. Identifies chemicals down to parts per trillion and proteins in picograms per milliliter.
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Data. Detects the presence of a contaminant as well as contaminant levels.

Markets we serve:

Salvus detection technology is handheld, quantifiably accurate and easy to use, it offers solutions for multiple industries.


Extensive application in human health such as detecting pathogens like viruses including SARS-CoV-2 and influenza, illicit substances, and specific biomarkers such as DNA and RNA.


Identify pathogens, including airborne, bloodborne or those found in saliva of animals; in veterinary exam rooms, around livestock ponds and all places where animals are housed or transported.


Detect pathogens such as Campylobacter and E. coli or chemical contaminants in food preparation settings including restaurants, daycares, schools, industrial kitchens and food processing and packaging plants.


Confirm the cleanliness of tanks, sprayers and applicators and the controlled application of crop protection products.


Identify contaminants in municipal water supplies, wells, bodies of water such as lakes and ponds, groundwater, or water storage and monitor sewage treatment facilities.


Detect residue left in railcars and trucks used to transport crop protection products or other chemical substances. Speed up turnaround of chemical vessels.

Introducing Salvus Detection Technology

Image of the Savlus device.

Our Story

The Salvus Story

Salvus offers a safe and flexible platform to drive positive outcomes for industries burdened by challenges to detect contaminants or pathogens.

The underlying technology leading to the Salvus detection device came out of sponsored research conducted originally at the Georgia Tech Research Institute while exploring ways to improve detection throughout the food and agriculture industry.

With a substantial intellectual property portfolio and numerous patents pending, Salvus detection technology offers a wide range of applications across multiple industries for precise detection that benefits us all. The Salvus story is still evolving with positive results and continued momentum pointing to better detection on the horizon.

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Parent Company

About CJB Companies

Founded in 1997, The CJB family of companies - CJB Industries, Inc., CJB Applied Technologies, LLC, Salvus, LLC - serve the food and agriculture, life sciences and specialty chemical industries. CJB’s focus on safety, quality, reliability and ease of doing business is the cornerstone of our lasting relationships across these industries. For more information, please visit our websites at or

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